Featured project: Virtual Collaboration for Glocal Knowledge site

Virtual Collaboration for Glocal Knowledge. As a Middlebury Digital Teaching & Learning Fellow, and in collaboration with Digital Learning and Inquiry (DLINQ) staff, I am leading the creation of a virtual exchange site for faculty who want to connect their students with people of other cultures. We are using WordPress, GIS Mapping Software, and Google Docs for project tracking.
Online Redesign for Language Analysis Course. In collaboration with DLINQ staff, I am currently redesigning the asynchronous course Language Analysis for the Online Master in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at the Middlebury Institute. I am using CANVAS, Panopto, and Google Docs for project tracking.
CALL Module. I am in charge of the Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) module for the Online Masters in Spanish Teaching at the Universidad Europea (Madrid, Spain). I designed the curriculum path, using Canvas, and taught this module from the first edition of the Masters.
[Since 2022]
ICC Curriculum for
McGraw-Hill. Created the Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) curriculum for all McGraw Hill Spanish textbooks, including 19 digital units aligned with ACTFL ICC can-do statements and 19 different regions in the Spanish-speaking world. I used Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Alamy as a source for stock photos. I also use Pixabay on a regular basis and contribute to the site with my own channel.
Lupa for Schools. Led the Lupa for Schools initiative for Jiveworld. Lupa scaffolds authentic stories from the Radio Ambulante podcasts, and it is one of the most pedagogical sound apps in the market for learning Spanish. The site for schools allows instructors to assign stories for students, based on topics, themes, or countries. We used Figma, Slite, and Google Docs.
37 Years of CALL. An infographic about the history of CALL research in the last 37 years, using the Scopus Index as dataset and Tableau as data visualization software. I created this artifact as one of my deliverables for a data analytics bootcamp.
Language Specialization for Professional Purposes. Led and launched a new specialization for six languages at the Middlebury Institute. I wrote the proposal, made changes proposed by different stakeholders, and created six different artifacts such as templates for a professional dossier, a job talk, and a research project.
Brave New Digital Classroom. I co-authored the third edition of Brave New Digital Classroom with Robert Blake, an overview on key concepts and challenges of teaching and learning languages with technology, with a new focus on social CALL.
Spanish Language Resources. I created and curate this database of +140 resources for Spanish practice outside of the language classroom. It includes categories, keywords, and the main purpose of the site.
[Since 2014]
Team Tandem. Founded an intercultural exchange program, connecting MIIS Spanish learners with English learners in the valley of California. We are currently partnering with Hartnell College in Salinas and meet on a weekly basis as part of the course Spanish in the Community (MIIS) and English in the Community (Hartnell).
[Since 2015]
Onda Global. A site with +200 publications in Spanish from our MIIS graduate students on topics such as education, social impact, and environmental issues. I created this site with WordPress and provide content and language feedback for authors who are Spanish learners at MIIS.
[Since 2016]
iCultura. A multimedia textbook for the Spanish intermediate level at UC Davis created in collaboration with Robert Blake, Travis Bradley, and Dan Comins. I used Adobe Captivate and recorded 15 interviews with Spanish speakers from different parts of Latin America. Videos were edited with Youtube.
UC Online courses. I designed and taught the first online Elementary Spanish course for all University of California (UC) branches. I also designed and taught the first hybrid Intermediate course for the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at UC Davis.
Blogs Exchange. For my final MA project, I created a community of blogs dedicated to the interchange of languages, recruiting formal and informal English and Spanish learners. Hundreds of people benefitted from using this site, which I created using Drupal and my own server.
Gaceta hispánica. I launched and edited this academic journal with Middlebury and NYU faculty in Spain. Gaceta hispánica de Madrid reviews and publishes articles from graduate students in Spanish. For this project, I used Adobe Dreamweaver, Acrobat, and FTP software.
Cepal. In my first edtech job, I recorded voice over, developed digital content, and managed online instructional materials, such as the online version of a Masters in Neuropsychology and Education.

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